Celtics vs Magic NBA Eastern Conference Tickets on Sale

The Boston Celtics took out the Cleveland Cavaliers last night to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Orlando Magic. The first game of the Celtics vs Magic series will be played on Sunday at the Amway Arena in Orlando after the Magic finished with a better record than the Celtics this year. Tickets for the NBA Eastern Conference … [Read more...]

Orlando Magic Ticket Prices Dropping with Their Hopes

The Orlando Magic will be playing game 5 of the NBA Finals this Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers and after the loss last night the prices have taken a tumble. After the game 3 win ticket prices were closer to $200 and up to get into the game. Now tickets are running closer to $140 per seat and may go a little lower.It hasn't been this cheap to … [Read more...]

NBA Finals Ticket Prices – Cheaper in Orlando!

If your favorite team is the Orlando Magic then you can pay a whole lot less to see them play in the NBA Finals at the Amway Arena in Orlando, than the Lakers fans will pay at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Tickets for the Orlando Magic's first home game on Tuesday June 9th at the Amway Arena are going for $230 to get in the door and up to … [Read more...]

NBA Playoff Tickets at Bargain Prices

It's Tough for Small Business

NBA Playoff Tickets are at a bargain this year due to the slow economy and you can benefit from the great prices for most of the playoff games with prices in some cities much lower than others.In the Western Conference you will find the best prices for Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz playoff tickets in Utah, starting at $40 and up with the … [Read more...]