Discount NBA Tickets as NBA sinks further in 2011

The NBA is facing a labor dispute with the players for the 2011-12 season and the greed of the players and owners may derail the next NBA season at a time they can ill afford it. The NBA just agreed to buy the Charlotte Hornets because nobody else would and several other NBA teams are in the same position, wanting to sell but no buyers. It's … [Read more...]

Sacramento Kings Announce Sellout – The Truth Was Obvious

The Sacramento Kings announced a sellout for last night's Kings vs Lakers game at Arco Arena. But the truth was obvious if you checked Ticketmaster just hours before the game.¬†Up to one thousand seats were still showing on the Ticketmaster web site before the game and nobody can convince me the walk up crowd bought up the remaining overpriced … [Read more...]

Compare NBA Ticket Prices Before You Buy, and Save $$

Cheaper NBA tickets - NBA ticket broker

With the economy in a rut NBA tickets are sure to be a bargain in many markets this year and where you buy your basketball tickets is important if you want to save money. Many NBA teams contacted ticket brokers throughout the country in the offseason and convinced many to buy season tickets for their teams. Right now there seems to be an … [Read more...]