Discount NBA Tickets as NBA sinks further in 2011

The NBA is facing a labor dispute with the players for the 2011-12 season and the greed of the players and owners may derail the next NBA season at a time they can ill afford it. The NBA just agreed to buy the Charlotte Hornets because nobody else would and several other NBA teams are in the same position, wanting to sell but no buyers.

It’s already getting to the point that some NBA teams are practically giving away the tickets to get fans in the door. For the Milwaukee Bucks game on December 22nd fans can attend the Bucks game for $5 and everyone gets a free hot dog. Heck the hot dog itself must sell for almost $5.

The NBA has been declining in the last few years and building super teams is not going to help. There are a number of very good teams and a lot of poor teams and bringing the Heat, Lakers and Celtics in once or twice a year won’t make a big difference with many of the team’s revenue.

Ticket prices for NBA teams reached a high point for many clubs such as the Sacramento Kings who took all they could from the fans while the going was good and now cannot sell a ticket without a huge discount.  Now ticket brokers are selling NBA tickets for many of the teams at below face value. In Sacramento lower level seats are frequently selling for half price from and other discount NBA tickets are available daily.

Lack of talent spread around the league and jacked up ticket prices got the NBA where it is today and without a major concession from both sides there will likely be no NBA games next year and that could be the nail that seals the coffin for several NBA teams on the edge. Rather than expand the NBA may contract further cutting revenues.

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