2014 Super Bowl Ticket prices hovering around $2500 each

The big game is just a few short weeks away and the teams have yet to be decided but the interest is already high for the 2014 Super Bowl at Metlife Stadium. With the game so close to New York and Wall Street the money is there if the local fans want to go to the game and many have already locked in seats.Super Bowl Metlife Stadium

Super Bowl ticket prices are currently hovering around the range of $2500 and up per seat at PreferredSeat.com and though that may sound high, they may get even more expensive when the teams are determined. Ticket prices for the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas were running between $2500 and $3000 right up to game time and the 2014 Super Bowl ticket prices are expected to be much the same be the same.

The face value of 2014 Super Bowl tickets have been increased from last year to a range of $500 to $2600 each. That and the fact that only about 1% of the Super Bowl tickets get released to the general public make for a very high demand ticket and very high ticket prices.

Shopping around on the internet though will show that most ticket brokers have the game priced at closer to $3000 and up per seat. Without hidden service fees PreferredSeat.com is clearly the cheapest place to buy Super Bowl tickets online today.


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