Ticketmaster Promoting Ticketless Tickets to Stop Scalpers, Who Will Stop Ticketmaster From Scalping?

Ticketmaster has put out press releases all over the web the last week hawking their paperless method of selling tickets to “stop the scalpers”. But it’s rather ironic considering Ticketmaster is still scalping the tickets themselves through their own site as Ticket Exchange, or through Ticketsnow.com, the secondary ticketing company they bought to resell tickets.

What a pathetic company Ticketmaster is, hated by all and they will try anything to deflect attention away from themselves as they try to find more ways to monopolize the entertainment business with a possible merger with Live Nation.

With the economy in a tailspin, Ticketmaster is pulling out all the stops to appease their shareholders with promises of monopolizing the secondary ticket market at all costs. But what will become of Tickets Now, their secondary ticket selling unit that Irving Azoff has been trying to unload since he proposed the Live Nation / Ticketmaster merger?

You must think you’re one hell-of-a salesman Irving if you think you can sell a company at the same time you have vowed to destroy the very business model it was built upon.

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