What are the Best Seats for Wicked the Musical?

Many times we are asked the question; What are the best seats for Wicked the Musical? Can you see the production better from the orchestra seats, the loge or the balcony seating?The best Wicked the Musical seating and Wicked tickets

For most of the venues that Wicked the Musical will be performing at this year the answer will be the same, about 5-15 rows from the stage in the center orchestra section. Many people prefer this location so they can see the details and expressions of the actors better.

The loge or mezzanine sections, which are the elevated sections that overhang the orchestra section give a great overall view as well, and usually have more head clearance so you can see over the person in front of you easier. Though the elevated sections set you back further from the stage, you don’t find yourself moving your head from side to side as much to take in all the action on the stage.

The center sections of the orchestra and balconies have the best view of the stage, but seats in the side sections that are not all the way to the right or left can still give a good view of the entire stage. The poorest viewing is from the balcony seats, especially from the last rows, but they are also the most affordable Wicked tickets available.

Wicked the Musical is currently on sale for the Gershwin Theatre in New York, the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco and more than a dozen venues across the country. Wicked Tickets on sale soon include the Mahalia Jackson Theatre in New Orleans on January 9th, and the Adrienne Arsht Center and Durham Performing Arts Center on January 15th 2010.

Buy the best Wicked tickets now online or charge by phone at 800 427-3914.

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  1. says

    Without knowing the venue I would still say the inside aisle seats should be fine. When you get further to the sides, up against the wall, then you run the risk of partially obstructed view seats.

  2. says

    There should be no problem seeing the entire stage. In some cases there may be a slight problem seeing the back corner of the stage on the same side you are sitting on, but usually those are marked as partially obstructed view seats, though you should not miss any of the performance.

  3. Arthur says

    I just purchased seats for the orchestra section, but they are on the waaay right of the stage. Did I just ruin my night by buying these or are they alright?

    Need to help on this one, thanks.

  4. Marianne says

    How is the viewing from Orchestra seats, row U, 1-5? These seats are against the inside aisle on the left side.